Monday, November 11, 2013

FIX: Next Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil on Nov. 23, 4-5 pm, Gov't and Belleville, Victoria

FIX (from the October 28 Vulnerability Vigil)
get a fix
need a fix
in the fix
fix don't feel
Mr. Fix-it
fix this...

Next Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil is on Saturday, November 23, 4-5 pm, corner of Government and Belleville, downtown Victoria across from the BC Legislature.

The last one was on the sidewalk beside the fenced-off toxic land of a former gas station, which is right beside the faux-charming compound that is the Uptown Mall. 

Nothing like standing naked at rush hour beside an architectural/industrial caca to contemplate womanhood, community, disconnection, the state, etc.

Thanks to Dave,Charlie, and Pamela. Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigils take place monthly. 

Facebook event for November Vulnerability Vigil

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