Mother/teacher/artist/activist Tasha Diamant embodies vulnerability by appearing naked and unscripted in performance and in public. Healing. Dissidence. Art.


I believe humanity will not survive unless we choose love over power and ego and we cannot get to that place without viscerally dealing with our vulnerability.

I started the Human Body Project in 2006. Because of my deep love for my children, I was compelled to create a vehicle for change. 

I use my naked self and body to represent and share not only my own vulnerability, but also in solidarity with those who are most vulnerable, like children... and also to represent the vulnerability of us all.

This is my service to humanity in a time of great urgency.

I am a 52-year-old woman and I show up naked in front of people! It is difficult.

Nakedness, for me, is about deliberately stripping myself of cultural/neurobiological baggage and defences.

Our cultural/neurobiological drive for safety and status is no longer serving us; empirically, on a global level, we are destroying ourselves.

This is what I do: 

  • Experiential Shows/Workshops
    • By showing up naked and unscripted, I share an experience of authenticity and  vulnerability with audiences; many people have spontaneously joined me
    • Since 2009, I have presented the Human Body Project at various Fringe Theatre Festivals
    • I have also presented at universities and conferences
  • Vulnerability Vigils
    • Once a month I hold a vigil in a public space; anyone is welcome to join me
    • In keeping with the Human Body Project ethos, I show up naked; people who join me can be as dressed as they want to be
    • We hold a sign in front of us as a gesture of gentleness to those who may be affronted by public nudity
    • The sign is one word chosen to evoke understanding of our mutual vulnerability

  • Honest, Often Difficult, Sharing
    • In person and in public on social media, I often share difficult emotions, authentic language (i.e., swearing) and honest opinions

I am married with two young children. I am an award-winning college instructor and am currently an Associate Faculty member at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC.  I have an M.Ed. My Master's work, for which I won the 2012 Canadian Association for the Study of Women in Education graduate award, focused on the Human Body Project as a form of arts-based research. I have also been a journalist for national publications, an ad agency creative director, a visual artist with paintings in hundreds of collections (see, and an experiential workshop/yoga teacher at Kripalu Center and the Omega Institute.

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  1. You are a pathfinder Tasha, totally stepping out the armor of clothing and inviting others to step out of their own shells. By doing so you openly invite people to come to terms with their humanity.

    Our world & society fears a naked body more than a man with a gun, why else would simple nudity warrant a restricted 18+ rating, while violence and gore only warrant a PG 14 rating. Everyone has a body that is often naked!

    I dream of a day when a naked person will not be a sensational draw for shock value. The World Naked Bike Ride uses nudity to draw attention to their message against the "Indecent Exposure to Exhaust and Automobiles".