In a very real way for me, this is a job. An unpaid one.

I feel compelled to do the work and am committed to continue until I die.

Doing this doesn't just cost me time, health and emotional energy, it costs me money.

You can support this work by making a donation using the Paypal Donate button below.

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Many thanks to those who have graciously supported the Human Body Project with money, in-kind donations or special help.

Michael Armstrong

Muniré Armstrong
Heather and Jarrod Beztilny

Anne Cirillo
Cathie Boies-Parker
Georgina Brown

James Byrne
Emma Cooper
Mildred and George Diamant

Cherilyn Ferby
Megan Fester

Fringe theatre festivals, staff and volunteers
David Howell

Keith Jenkins
Lethbridge College Multimedia Production
Lethbridge College Applied Research and Innovation

Jasmine McAdam
Sarah Novak
Phillip Rodgers
Kevin Therriault
Kim Trimmer of Realize Your Radiance, Seattle,
Tanya Weder
Catherine Wright and Chris Jones

Many Human Body Project event helpers over the years

If your name isn't here but you have helped me, please forgive my oversight and remind me.


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    1. One year and 5 motnhs later... it should work now. :/

  2. Hey there I bought your tshirt at a van fringe years ago. I still wear it proudly.