Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Reading Blog Posts 1: "A Longer Version of the Artist Statement" (Feb. 12, 2006)

I am reading my blog posts written on humanbodyproject.org

The one above is the first one: I'm reading the blog posted on Feb. 12, 2006. I'm starting with the oldest and working my way forward.

I am sitting naked in my basement (but you can only see my head and shoulders).

I am choosing to be as groomed (or ungroomed) as I am in the moment of shooting.

I use physical and emotional nakedness as a medium to create vulnerability or a metaphor for vulnerability or to allow space for vulnerability or radical non-violence...

Friday, November 25, 2016

US: Vulnerability Vigil, Tues, Nov 29, noon-1, in front of the BC Legislature

Donald Trump got elected and lots of people are feeling fear and pain.

I acknowledge that fear and pain. But I want to say that many of us have been feeling it long before Trump. We already knew that the culture is much more set up for a person like Trump than it is for people who are:

  1. unable to live in the domination paradigm (those of us in pain, discarded, and/or targeted)
  2. trying to live the healing paradigm

As someone who has been open about the pain of living in this culture and committed to making the healing paradigm more visible, I do wonder if more people finally get it.

If the sentences above are still gobbledegook, one thing I can say is that our language is one of the very structures keeping us stuck in a paradigm of destruction.

Hence experiential art! Or activism. Or protest. Or simply an example of the invaluable privilege of freedom of expression.

Again, I'll use my elevator spiel: 

For a Vulnerability Vigil I use nakedness as a medium to create vulnerability and a metaphor of vulnerability. I stand naked on the street to share and express vulnerability because I believe the only way humans will survive is by owning and understanding our vulnerability. Through embracing vulnerability, we can connect with, cooperate with, and support each other.

So I'll be holding a Vulnerability Vigil
Tuesday, November 29, 2016
noon-1 pm
In front of the BC Legislature
Victoria, BC

I'll be holding a sign that says "US." As in "U.S." or "us."

All are welcome, dressed or undressed. I am the only one committed to being naked and if it's too cold, I won't compromise my health.

When I started Vulnerability Vigils, I committed to holding one for at least an hour, at least once a month. But then I got the dang cancer and, last month, I had the dang flu... 

An October vigil didn't transpire. Suffice to say, from now on, I'll do my best to hold monthly vigils.

Love, Tasha

ps Longtime vigil supporter and participant Keith Jenkins is recovering well from his heart surgery. Please consider supporting Keith as he recovers: https://www.youcaring.com/keith-jenkins-649425

From the September Vulnerability Vigil held in honour of Keith Jenkins.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Vulnerability Vigil for Keith, Sun, Sept 18, 3-4 pm, Government&Wharf Sts, Victoria

Keith Jenkins at a Vulnerability Vigil, December 2015
Vulnerability Vigil for Keith
Sunday, September 18
3-4 pm
Government and Wharf Streets--where Keith often dances

Keith Jenkins is in the Royal Jubilee Hospital about to undergo open heart surgery. He was on his way to work out when his doctor phoned him to say he needed to admit himself immediately. They told him they didn't know why he hadn't already keeled over kaput!

Thanks to the pressing of his girlfriend, Emilie, he had gone in for an electrocardiogram earlier. He hadn't felt too bad, just a little dizziness and shortness of breath. For the workout, he was planning to do "75%." Only Keith!

Over the years, hundreds of people have participated in Human Body Project performances and Vulnerability Vigils on the street. But there is no one who embodies the spirit of the project more than Keith Jenkins. I could summarize the project is to say everybody should be like Keith.

Keith is part Cree and grew up in an orphanage. One way I explain to myself how Keith is Keithlike is that maybe he was let be enough to raise himself as himself without the various expectations that hinder most of us. I have never met a person so untainted by the ego regulations of this culture.

Maybe you know Keith as THE artist model of Victoria. The man in thousands of drawings and paintings. Or maybe you've seen Keith downtown in one his costumes, dancing in the street. This is a guy who will make every day a festival. Or maybe you've seen him joining me for Vulnerability Vigils. Then you know he is a man of great heart.

On Sunday, I'm holding a Vulnerability Vigil to honour and send healing energy to that great heart.

Keith won't be able to work for a while after his surgery. Besides himself, Keith also has two sons in their 20s whom he helps support. A funding page is in the works (created by another friend), so stay tuned. We will collect money at the vigil, as well.

Please join me to honour and support Keith Jenkins:

Vulnerability Vigil for Keith
Sunday, September 18
3-4 pm
Government and Wharf Streets--where Keith often dances

What is a Vulnerability Vigil?