Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Day 2013 Vulnerability Vigil

I hold a Vulnerability Vigil once a month on the street.

It is a practice and a ritual, a form non-violent protest, a service to humanity, an outlet for my rage and grief, an act of decolonization, and a form of street performance...

I choose to work in the area of vulnerability. To do so I use my naked body and no script, in public and in performance. Because many people are deeply affronted by public nudity, I hold a sign as a gesture of gentleness, the word on which is meant to evoke deeper understanding of our mutual vulnerability.

Christmas Day 2013 Vulnerability Vigil
2-3 pm
Trans-Canada and McKenzie corner

I invite all to join me and I am always grateful when people do. Those who join can be as dressed as they wish. I probably won't last the whole hour without clothes.

If you would like to coordinate a Christmas Day 2013 Vulnerability Vigil in your city, please email me at

The following month's Vulnerability Vigil will be the second anniversary vigil on January 1, 2014.

Link to the Facebook event

At the November 2013 vigil. Lots of police presence. PROCESS. An invitation to join me in the process of processing millennia of a domination paradigm.

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