Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Getting Concrete on the Concrete: Vulnerability Vigil, Monday, October 28, outside of Uptown Mall, 5 pm

July 2013 Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil
If, as Adbusters magazine recently pointed out, "the evolution of Western civilization is one of creeping abstraction," then a naked human body is pretty darn concrete.
Please consider joining me or covering this month's Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil in the media. Or consider holding a concurrent vigil in your city.
Or keep it in mind for next time. I hold Vulnerability Vigils at least once a month.

The Human Body Project is performance art and a practice of non-violent direct action. I choose to work in the area of vulnerability to effect change and expand consciousness.

For a Vulnerability Vigil, I show up naked holding a large sign. The sign is to provide a buffer of gentleness for those who are deeply affronted by public nudity. I choose the word on the sign to serve as an opening to think about our mutual vulnerability. 

People who join me can be as dressed as they want to be.

I am VERY grateful, as you can imagine, when people join me.

What: Monthly Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil

When: Monday, October 28, 5-6 pm

Location: Corner of Saanich Rd. and Trans-Canada, on the sidewalk in front of the Uptown Mall, Victoria.

More about the Human Body Project:

To "be the change" I work in the area of vulnerability.

I show up naked and unscripted to share vulnerability with my audience.

I've been doing this in public and in performance for more than seven years.

I do the work because I believe humanity will not survive unless we choose love over power and ego and we cannot get to that place without viscerally dealing with our vulnerability.

I use my naked self and body to be in solidarity with those who are most vulnerable, such as children. Also to represent the vulnerability of us all at this crucial time when even those of us with privilege are facing the consequences of ongoing, systemic disrespect for the sacredness of life on this planet.

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