Why a worldwide #VulnerabilityVigils movement with the Extinction Symbol?

The world is currently undergoing a man-made mass extinction event. The Extinction Symbol was created to help raise awareness of the urgent need for change in order to address this crisis.

#VulnerabilityVigils were created:
  • To "be the change"
  • To share / express / create space for vulnerability
  • To draw the parallel between vulnerable souls / vulnerable bodies / vulnerable planet
  • To stand in some solidarity with those who are most vulnerable
  • To hold ourselves in some accountability for the atrocities our culture perpetrates and perpetuates
  • "The medium is the message"
What is a #VulnerabilityVigil?
  • Tasha Diamant, creator of #VulnerabilityVigils, has been standing naked in public for about an hour, at least once a month, since January 2012
  • She has committed to doing monthly #VulnerabilityVigils until her death
  • Diamant holds a sign. Since April 2014 when she learned of the Extinction Symbol, she has been using it.
  • Many people have joined her. Everyone is invited. As (un)dressed as you choose.
The first coinciding #VulnerabilityVigil in a separate city! Vancouverites on November 8, 2014.*
*People wear shoes, hat, gloves, etc. as needed, and sometimes stands outside for less than an hour in very cold weather.

How can you co-create a movement of #VulnerabilityVigils?
  • Join Tasha Diamant's monthly vigils in Victoria, BC, or from wherever you are
  • Hold your own #VulnerabilityVigil any time
  • Use the Extinction Symbol as well as the hashtag #VulnerabilityVigils or #VulnerabilityVigil on your sign and in social media
Who can hold or join a #VulnerabilityVigil?
Anyone willing to take the risk! Diamant asks that those who attend Vulnerability Vigils do so:
  • With an ethos of inclusion, respect and non-violence
  • With an understanding that nakedness does not equal sexual invitation
Why naked?
  • A visceral reminder that we all live in a body
  • A naked body signifies the vulnerability of our physical beingness
  • As an antidote to a culture that uses bodies to sell and belittle
Why a sign?
  • To display the Extinction Symbol
  • As a gesture of gentleness to those who are deeply affronted by public nudity
  • As a gesture of respect to police who have to monitor and deal with citizen complaints
The sign
What is on the sign?
Diamant recommends using the Extinction Symbol + #VulnerabilityVigils

What is the sign made of?
Try to maintain the consistency and simplicity of #VulnerabilityVigils signs. Diamant recommends using simple white poster paper available at any dollar store, black craft paint, and packing tape.

Social media
A note about police from Diamant regarding public nude demonstration in Canada
  • You don't have to give police your name, simply decline politely if you wish
  • I put on underpants if police ask me to. I also often offer to put on my underpants if the police seem bothered. It is not my intention to get into conflict with the police.
  • It is not illegal for a woman to be topless in Canada
  • So far, I have (mostly) avoided private property and standing in front of businesses

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