Monthly Actions

Monthly Actions 
Vulnerable Embodied Performance Art / AnthropoScenes
In public spaces.

The casual violence of our dominant culture is systemic, structural, and we learn to tolerate it pre-verbally. 
So, in my art (and life), I explore purposeful, visceral vulnerability.

Extinction Symbolcreated to help raise awareness of
the current and ongoing, man-made mass extinction crisis.
  • To "be the change"
  • A cultural antidote
  • To share / express / create space for vulnerability and pain
  • To draw the parallel between vulnerable souls / vulnerable bodies / vulnerable planet
  • To stand in some solidarity with those who are most vulnerable
  • Allowing vulnerability improves communication
  • To hold ourselves in some accountability for the atrocities our culture perpetrates and perpetuates

Naked Ugly Dancing in the Street 
  • #uglydance4life
  • Dancing the ugly out of myself and my culture
  • A way to survive Stage 4 cancer
  • Healing ritual, angry protest
  • I process pain on behalf of myself and others
Naked #uglydancing September 2017, Centennial Sq, Victoria, BC

  • I was part of a short-lived collective, the AnthropoScene Collective
Women's March, January 2017

Vulnerability Vigils
  • I created Vulnerability Vigils and stood naked behind a sign in public for at least an hour, at least once a month (except during illness), January 2012-November 2016
The first coinciding Vulnerability Vigil in a separate city! Vancouverites, November 2014.

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