YouTube terminated my channel.

I'm working on replacing my videos on Vimeo.

Warning: Some of these videos contain nudity and swear words.

Human Body Project on Vimeo

My Own Little Desperate Pride Parade
Nov 20. 2017

Reading Blog Posts 1 (reading oldest to newest; this one was posted Feb 12, 2006)

Playwright and performer Kevin Kennedy on the Human Body Project

How To Use A Menstrual Cup
(Warning: Images of menstrual blood)

2013 Victoria Fringe Preview and August Vulnerability Vigil

Vulnerability Vigils: A Human Body Project Video
Naked Stand-up Tragicomic: A Human Body Project Video
February 2012 Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil in Centennial Square, Victoria
(story on ShawTV's the Daily)
Burlesque diva Miss Rosie Bitts interviews Tasha Diamant (August 2011)
Trailer for Tasha Diamant's Human Body Project (2010 documentary)
From early Human Body Project engagements (2006-2008)


  1. This sounds fascinating and challenging!

  2. Firstly I do understand the vulnerability angle, and the complete spontaneity thing, but... Fine in the summertime, but you lot are cra-a-azy getting your kit off OUTSIDE in the bitter, butt-freezing, unhospitable winter!!!!!

  3. i was wondering is it possiable to do a video for u on vulnerable for your web or shows ,it would be funny but show vulnerable we r in todays we could come up with more ideas and do one togethere.

  4. I find The Human Body Project as great idea .Our nakedness is natural and should be respected as most natural think from our life .Greetings.Artur.

  5. Tasha, I really admire your courage to stand in front of a group naked and say what you believe. Please continue your good work.

  6. Tasha i m man and i really love your body and figure. u r soo amazing. how can u maintain that kind of beautiful figure in this age.
    i m 15 year younger then u but really fall in love in your body.

  7. This lady has BALLS!