Sunday, September 8, 2013

Vancouver Vulnerability Vigil on Friday, Sept 13, outside the VAG! Plus Fringe Continues

Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil in Vancouver

Friday, September 13
Vancouver Art Gallery (outside)
750 Hornby St., Vancouver

Join Robert McLaughlin, creator of the current hit Vancouver Fringe show Jack the Ripper, and I as we publicly stand in vulnerability. Naked. With only our sign as a gesture of gentleness to those who are greatly affronted by nudity.

Vulnerability Vigils are a form of non-violent direct action to bring attention to our mutual vulnerability. Also, to be in solidarity with those who are most vulnerable. 

I am committed to doing at least one Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil per month.

This will be my first time doing a vigil outside of Victoria!

If you'd like to coordinate doing monthly vigils with me from your own city or town, please let me know.

As creator of the Human Body Project, I show up naked in my commitment to the ethos of vulnerability. People who join me can be as dressed or undressed as they choose.

Link to the Facebook event for the Vulnerability Vigil

Also, The Human Body Project continues at the Vancouver Fringe

"I dug it." Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight reviewer.
Venue 3, Studio 1398
3rd Floor
1398 Cartwright St.
Granville Island

Sun    Sept 8      6:10 pm
Mon   Sept 9      5 pm
Wed   Sept 11    7:45 pm
Sat     Sept 14    9:50 pm
Sun    Sept 15    4:50 pm

Tickets $10-$15 at the door or through

Link to the Facebook event for The Human Body Project at the Vancouver Fringe


  1. Thanks for doing your thing. I admire the nerve and patience.

  2. I admire any and everyone who takes risks to make us better people.