Sunday, August 29, 2010

"WOW, Tasha you have changed the course of my life:" From Chandra, who joined me in Edmonton

WOW Tasha you have changed the course of my life. Thank you so much. I wanted to send my intial unfettered response to the experience. I will likely follow up with more at some point, knowing that my vitality is in writing.... Thank you thank you thank you for that.

I almost don’t want to write as the experience was so visceral that I am in a state of feeling and don’t want it to end. Yet it needs to be recorded.

I have never had such a sense of humanity. You read about humanity in anthropology textbooks, have this concept of a line swiveling through history in different garments but when it comes to real humanity- knowing that we are all individuals, together.. Well, for me, that is rare.
At the end of the presentation this guy started to talk about.. well my interpretation was a little holistic, but essentially about rearranging life to start living. Moving past, working with, the time thing by showing up in the wrong place and wrong time—like traveling, map making beyond the dim but steady whir of common structure… being real, being alive.

Tasha thank you so much for embedding in me an understanding of moving past our fight or flight consciousness. You talked about it before, and now having been naked on a stage I get it.This isn’t a wishy washy new age thing for all those out there who doubt that life can move fully beyond the mundane at some point. To know humanity we need to move beyond fight or flight. To do this, we need to love ourselves. Love your toes. Love the way your toes are saturated by the sunlight from the window, and how they become soft embers sending energy back into the light. Individuality, not capitalism.

We all want to be alive. We all want a real experience. We need to move beyond the norm to discover ourselves. Then we I can know humanity.

Do you know humanity? We were all there in that room all knowing it just then.
Thanks to the body for bringing me back there.


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