Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"The show is about everything, not nothing," an Edmonton audience member's response

The empowerment of self.

The importance of finding thyself and becoming true.

You said you had nothing but really you had everything prepared and on display. The show is about everything, not nothing.

Hopefully the heart felt people will become the norm. By bringing brutal truth to everyone and find the beauty of it all. And in that finding the earth is our home and we need to act... we need to take a stand and try to be a supporter of mother earth... which includes every body.

We need to realize that we can all have a heart and we all have to connect to those around and really support everyone.

Tasha when you came out I saw the shaking hands and shaking knees and wanted to run up and give you a hug because you looked so anxious. You are such a strong person and hopefully I can take your message to my students and get them to realize what makes people naked (which like you said is not being unclothed) being a youth counsellor and teaching students daily.

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