Monday, May 5, 2008

Some Recent Comments About The Last Event

I thought I'd finally get around to posting some recent comments people have sent me via e-mail:
HI Tasha:
I finally have the opportunity to comment on this amazingly powerful event.
I am not sure what I was expecting, I have never helped out in an art exhibition before.
What I wanted to share with you is that you had an amazing impact on several people that night. Those women who joined you at the centre of the room with their clothes removed, needed also to express themselves in a way that was totally unexpected. These women were obviously struggling with issues in their lives as we all do, and needed a healthy and unique way to express themselves. I believe they gained a great sense of strength from the project.
I will assume that their involvement was completely unexpected. I think that the simple act of you allowing them to be vulnerable with you…actually gave them the sense of acceptance in knowing that others also struggle…women struggle for many reasons. As we heard, men also struggle. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to experience this incredibly meaningful experience.
You mentioned that it was for yourself that you were doing this. I believe however, you understand that others benefit from your work and that your work, as with all art forms, can have deep meaning for those who experience it. I got very positive feelings from this event and I hope you also realize the impact that you had. I am very proud of you!
I do not know if we ever get any answers to some of the questions we have in life. I believe that people are good and that when we are able to take just a moment to centre ourselves, we can make an impact, and that should make us feel good. When we focus on the good that is within our own selves and reach out to others we allow that goodness to grow. I do not mean to say that we ignore those things within us that need work…it all begins with awareness, consciousness, acceptance…
YOU DID GOOD!! I encourage you to seek the ways that you allow your goodness to grow everyday, and…I will also ask you this, what are the things that have caused you to question the goodness in yourself and the goodness that is in the world? You are a teacher and an expressive person who is able to empower others…what a wonderful gift!
Thank you again, Tasha
Take Care

I just saw your Human Body Project Group and I have to say how happy I am that you have taken the time to do this. I remember seeing the project in the SAAG and it affected me in different ways. I wasn't sure if I should be looking at it and avert my eyes, should be uncomfortable, should be upset by it...
I think we are so separated from those things that are most natural that when we are confronted by them, we don't know what to think, act, and feel.
I was wondering when your next event will be. I would love to be there.
Bravo for doing those things that the rest of us are afraid to do.

Hey Tasha--I just wanted to express to you how grateful I am for being able to witness yet another event that made people dig deep into their own sense of worth-my own included. I had grand visions of being much more helpful than I actually was and instead was the one who walked away -yet again- from the experience much richer. I know I still do not know you well-but I can tell you that I like how you make me think. I think you are a grand person Tasha and I hope I get to know you better. Have a fabulous day!--- Joanne

Hey, Tash,

I've been meaning to talk to you since your show (which I loved, by the way!) It stimulated a tremendous amount of thought on my part; I hadn't realised how much I had subconsciously been thinking about these same issues. It was the oddest experience: I came home and started telling B. about it and I just started crying - couldn't stop - it was like that evening had unlocked some latent anxieties that I didn't know I had. Poor B. - he wasn't quite sure what to make of it all, but then, neither did I. Anyway, it did me a lot of good. Thanks for that. You must have been thrilled with the turn out and response. Fascinating to see and hear the male perspective. I was very intrigued with the one guy though very glad I didn't have to see his video - ha ha!!


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