Monday, April 28, 2008

Kids Are So Cool

Hanging out with kids is so great. They are constantly experiencing and growing. It's an amazing process to witness. Lately, I've been thinking that we need a comparable process for adults. I look at us adults and think we're just big unfinished kids. We so don't have it together. We just have no clue.

Men especially, in my biased observation. And we're supposed to be in charge and looking after the kids.

Last week, I took Claire and her best buddy Sarah to see the Wiggles (as Dave describes them, creepy phony Australian gay guys dancing for kids). The girls were a little too old for the show but still enjoyed it. It cost more than $90 for us in the cheap seats. I declined to buy the girls the $20 souvenir flashlight. But there were people down on the floor ($45 tickets) with $20 flashlights.

I sort of get it. I think on some level we adults know that North American childhood is this blessed state that will come crashing to an end. We want to be able to give our kids an experience of joy before they get it crushed out of them. I think we're fucked up in lots of the ways we go about it. But I do get that it's about acknowledging that what we have isn't enough--I don't mean in terms of material; I mean in spiritual terms. It's just sad that the $20 flashlight becomes the $50,000 car or whatever. We do not get it.

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