Monday, April 28, 2008

Trudge, Trudge

I am supposedly starting in the M Ed program at the U of L next week. I am not excited about it. I have to pay money, take time and use energy to move toward getting a degree so I can have more opportunity (one hopes) to do what I am already really good at. Not so I will get better at what I am already really good at. But so I have the right piece of paper.

I find it really irritating and hilarious that one of the main reasons I was accepted into the program is that I have a Bachelor's degree. I finished my BA 25 years ago. I am not exaggerating when I say that I learned almost nothing at university. I was 21 when I graduated. Incredibly naive. But I knew how to write sentences. Since then, I have learned a great deal and become a very wise person. Who gives a shit? The fact that the education system is based on marks in regulated classes seems very flawed and limited, not the be-all-end-all we're stuck with.

Anyway, I'll see how it goes. Maybe it will be interesting or fun. It's just that I feel shitty and it feels like a burden.

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