Sunday, June 3, 2018

Naked Ugly Dancing @fringeMtl + Handcuffed video

Upcoming Fringe Show! 
Tell your friends in Montreal!

Naked Ugly Dancing
At the Montreal Fringe
June 7-17, 2018

Jun 07 Thu 7:45 pm
Jun 09 Sat 6:15 pm
Jun 12 Tue 11:00pm
Jun 13 Wed 6:00 pm
Jun 15 Fri 7:45 pm
Jun 17 Sun 2:30 pm

Montreal Fringe online program+tickets
Facebook event

Performance art
And ritual+improvisation+storytelling+dance

Venue 7
Montreal Improv Theatre A
3697 Blvd St-Laurent 
nudity +16
en Anglais 75 minutes
Healer, feeler, revealer. Paradigm shifter. Heavy lifter of paradox+pain. Ageing, overweight, cancer schmancerous. Recovering academic. Suburban mommy lady. Powerful+vulnerable. Privilege-user+vagina-haver. PTSD+lover of trees. Tasha Diamant ugly dances naked+improvises conversations+connections. Because: business-as-usual brutality. On behalf of the collective. Participation optional.

Also, I made a mini-documentary after being handcuffed on the lawn of the BC Legislature during last week's Monthly Act of Disruption and Resistance

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