Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Help Keith?/Reading Blog Posts 2: "Porn/Non-Porn"

I hope anyone reading this will consider helping out a beautiful person and member of the Victoria downtown street art scene and a longtime Human Body Project community member.

My dear friend Keith Jenkins, 61, had open heart surgery in the fall. He's still unable to work and needs rest. Keith is one of many Canadians who lives from pay cheque to pay cheque and has very little savings.

I know everyone is sending money every which way and it's that spending time of year. But if you have even a little to help Keith, please do!
The one and only Keith!

Here's the funding web address:

Also, here's the latest YouTube video of me reading my blog posts.

Reading Blog Posts 2: "Porn/Non-Porn" (posted Feb. 27, 2006)

I'm following a creative impulse and recording myself reading my blog. We'll see where it takes me...

Here's the link to the original post

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