Wednesday, December 21, 2016

AnthropoScene #1 + Blog Post Reading #3

I've decided to join the nascent AnthropoScene Collective and, instead of Vulnerability Vigils, commit to creating collaborative AnthropoScenes once a month.
I'm not healthy enough to do both. And this new venture, for me, is a welcome (collaborative!) continuation of explorations in global/individual vulnerability since starting the Human Body Project more than 10 years ago.

Hey everybody living through the Anthropocene Epoch and 6th Extinction so far! 

The AnthropoScene Collective invites you to join us in our first public action on Boxing Day.

The action begins at 2pm on Boxing Day at the giant Sequoia tree
On the north side of Centennial Square (Douglas Street)
And proceeds south through downtown Victoria
Looping back to the Sequoia by 3pm

We are artists/activists committed to staging an "AnthropoScene" at least once a month in a public place.

AnthropoScene #1 Facebook event

AnthropoScene Collective Facebook page

Also, here's me reading "The Menstrual Paradigm," my third blog post written on March 17, 2006

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