Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Open Letter to @extinctsymbol

Today I sent a letter to, the email address for and @extinctsymbol on twitter with subject heading: "join forces? breakthrough in my project because of symbol!!"


I'm so excited about the extinction symbol, which I only learned about the other day after reading Daniel Smith's review of Elizabeth Kolbert's book in Harper's.

Thank you for reposting my tweets.

I'm writing because the extinction symbol is exactly the breakthrough I feel the Human Body Project needs! 

I've been doing the Human Body Project ( for more than 8 years. 

In a nutshell: To share and create a space for vulnerability, I show up naked and unscripted in performance+on the street+writing/showing up authentically in blog, social media. 

Vulnerable body=vulnerable planet=solidarity with world's most vulnerable=how do you not get that we're all in the same boat?! 

Yesterday's vigil was my 29th monthly Vulnerability Vigil.

The Human Body Project is non-violent direct action/be the change meets street performance/performance art meets cultural antidotal therapy/healing meets decolonization meets more interdisciplinary hooha.

I have long thought that the Vulnerability Vigils should and will become a movement. So far the HBP has been a small, fringey, but powerful thing. But the extinction symbol is exactly the non-verbal link/movement kicker-in-the-butt the project needs. Naked body(ies) + extinction symbol = totally sums it up!!

A little more background: in performance, I am totally naked and unscripted. On the street, in a gesture of gentleness to those affronted by nudity, I hold a sign. The sign in the past has had one word meant to evoke understanding of our mutual vulnerability. I really have wrestled with using even one word because the ethos of the project has also been that experience is the point not separation with words. Hence my excitement with the extinction symbol!!

I'm not sure whom I'm addressing, but how might we join forces? I am planning to use the symbol in future vigils.

Much much gratitude, Tasha

p.s. I'm gonna post this on my blog as an open letter.

Tasha Diamant, M.Ed.
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"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." A. Einstein
"The medium is the message." M. McLuhan

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  1. I don't think there're any forces to be joined. The extinct symbol is just a symbol, to be used by anyone and everyone all over the world as they see fit. If you want to use it in your project great, but that's it. The symbol should not be tied or linked to any one form of action or protest. Keep up the good work!