Friday, May 31, 2013

Congress for the Humanities Presentations (Apparently I'm an Academic)

I am presenting four times during the academic conference for the Canadian Society for the Study of Education at the Congress for Humanities and Social Sciences, held at the University of Victoria this year.

My first presentation is tomorrow at the Arts on the Edge pre-conference hosted by the Canadian Association for the Study of Women in Education (CASWE), the Arts Researchers and Teachers Society (ARTS) and the Canadian Association for the Study Of Adult Education (CASIE).

Here are my presentation times and co-presenters.

Theme: Challenging Borders and Boundaries 
Saturday, June 1, 2013
Art Gallery of Victoria
Downstairs Gallery 1
Sex worker as funny, tongue-in-cheek and political, while doing gender headstands. 
Lisa Ordell
Using the Vulnerable Self: Performance Art, Activism, and Experiential Education for Cultural Change 
Tasha Diamant
Girls making Media Leah-Anne Ingram

“Edgy” Research – Forward thinkers in CASWE (Panel)
Monday, June 3, 2013
University of Victoria
MacLaurin Building D107 
Chair: Lisa J Starr (Victoria), Sarah Bonsor Kurki (Victoria)
Panel of CASWE award winners share their findings from research informed by 
feminism/gender/gender expression, and how it advances the field of women in education.
Tonya Callaghan (Calgary), Tasha Diamant (Royal Roads), NanĂ© Jordan (UBC)

Addressing the Challenges of Post-Secondary Education (Canadian Association for the Study of Indigenous Education)
Tuesday, June 4, 2013
University of Victoria
MacLaurin Building A195
Multi-paper session
First Nations "Way" at the U: Painful Dilemmas Tasha Diamant (Royal Roads)
Exploring intergenerational trauma as a factor in Aboriginal post-secondary 
students’ progress Rainey Gaywish (Manitoba), Elaine Mordoch (Manitoba)

Using the Arts as Pedagogical Instruments (CASWE –Crosslisted with ARTS)
Wednesday, June 5, 2013
University of Victoria
MacLaurin Building D107 
Multi-paper session
Chair: Alysha June Sloane (Manitoba)
Theatre of the Commons Alysha June Sloane (Manitoba)
Explaining the Human Body Project By Way of a Letter to My Children 
Tasha Diamant (Royal Roads)
Pedagogy and Parallax: The narrative canvasses of a Clothesline Project
Patricia Louise Maarhuis (Washington State), Pauline Sameshima (Lakehead)

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