Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monday Mag Review

Monday Mag
Victoria Fringe Review
The Human Body Project
September 1, 2011
Brody Slater

This show will challenge you. As Tasha Diamant vulnerably stands before you, your own helplessness opens up and you are left in this pause to contemplate on the nature of your, and our, actions. “It is an urgent point in time, for human kind.” This truth saturates from the bottom of your belly. Our life and lives, being full of light, love and consciousness, and allowing our misdemeanors to pass us and end all abusive behavior: these are the things that are most important now. The end of the century of violence, the end of our rampant dissociation with life in general and our obsession with disconnection all are present with the naked awareness that the naked body encourages in our minds. Tasha tells stories of her own life, of depression, of “not wanting to be here,” of maternal nature and of the meditative state required to engage your inner self, in order to heal and transcend. The raw truths that are conjured by a room full of thoughtful people will help us all. This is the most relevant and powerful work at the Fringe and Tasha Diamant is deserving of a full audience every night. Absolutely I cannot urge you enough: go out and experience it for your Self – life becomes better here.

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