Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Culture Vulture Review

Culture Vulture
Victoria Fringe Review
The Human Body Project
August 2011
Jason Schreurs

Better known as the show starring the naked lady (mother/artist/educator Tasha Diamant), The Human Body Project isn’t so much live theatre as it is unscripted discussion group. And it certainly isn’t all about nudity, although that topic naturally comes up, and some audience members end up undressing themselves. What makes the discussion so productive and engaging, centering around our connections to each other and our basic need to feel vulnerable, is the shedding of our protective layers in the presence of a fully nude woman who allows us to just . . . be. It all sounds a little, well, hippy, but the result is the kind of dialogue that rarely happens between a mixed crowd of strangers and friends. The show also tends to draw a lot of other Fringe performers who end up dominating the discussion. They’re performers; it’s natural for them. The really powerful parts are when other members of the audience speak up and show their true selves, or when Diamant simply closes her eyes, breathes deep, and lets the silence envelope us. Everyone should attend a session of The Human Body Project at least once. And if the 90-minute running time seems too lengthy, trust me, it isn’t nearly long enough.

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