Monday, April 30, 2012

I hate the media for forming my views of women's bodies: a response to the Human Body Project video documentary

Hello Tasha. My name is Garry. I live in Michigan so I will never be able to actually come to one of your performances. I just watched the hour long video of some of your performances. I think our bodies are beautiful. I think everyone agrees with me on that point. What I like about your performance is your casual way you stand and talk. At first we get a little titilated but after a while, when we see you are not trying to be sexually alluring, we start wanting to know what you have to say. I hate the media for forming my views of womens bodies. They want me to veiw a woman as a toy instead of a person worth knowing. They want women to feel they should be a toy. That's why we have so many insecure women getting their breasts made larger. Usually nudity is portrayed to make us horny. But our bodies are beautiful and we are missing so much in life if we only look at nakedness for sexual reasons. We are sexual. But we are more. Thank you for sharing your body with us. I think you are a very humble woman and hope you have great success with the human body project. I hope you write back to me. I would really like to know someone like you.

Thank you, Garry.

Here's the link to the Human Body Project documentary (2010):

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