Thursday, December 29, 2011

Naked VULNERABLE humanity on New Year's Day: Human Body Project goes outside (media release)

Victoria-based artist, mother, and professor, Tasha Diamant, says she has long believed that the Human Body Project needs to go outside, beyond protest-inspired performance in an enclosed space to artistic protest in the outside world.

Says Diamant: "I had thought that it would occur spontaneously, like when people started to join me at performances. But that hasn't happened and the key message of cultural change through understanding and viscerally feeling vulnerability is more important than ever."

Diamant created her challenging work to address "these times of great urgency, where our cultural, neurobiological patterns are the actual cause of our march to destruction."

The Human Body Project ( is Diamant's effort to kickstart human evolution. She shares an intense experience of abiding in vulnerability by appearing naked, authentic, and unscripted at public Human Body Project events.

As seen at the Victoria Fringe, 2011 and 2010:

"This is the most relevant and powerful work at the Fringe." Monday Mag, 2011.

"Everyone should attend a session of The Human Body Project at least once.", 2011


The first outside Human Body Project will take place on New Year's Day, 2012, Gyro Park/Cadboro Bay Beach, Victoria

Diamant and at least ten confirmed supporters will gather at the octopus at 11:30 AM to prepare stand to naked with a letter painted on their bodies. (Clothed supporters with a letter on a poster board may join them.)

Ready for photography about noon

The human bodies will spell: "VULNERABLE" (to be confirmed). If enough people show up, they will spell the phrase: "VULNERABLE BODIES VULNERABLE PLANET"

Further such outside Human Body Project artistic protests are planned throughout the year to take place in more challenging locales (possibly downtown, along the Trans-Canada, etc.).

Here is a link to the Facebook event:

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