Friday, December 16, 2011

HBP Outside on New Yr's Day: Helpers Needed

For some time I have believed that the Human Body Project needs to go outside.

I.e. beyond protest-inspired performance art in an enclosed space to artistic protest in the outside world.

I had thought that it would occur spontaneously, like when people join me at performances.

But that hasn't happened and the key message/teaching/learning of cultural change through understanding vulnerability and feeling/being vulnerable is more important than ever.

My idea (to start):
  • Standing with other naked people outside on the first day of 2012. I am not brave enough to do this on my own.
  • On our chests/bellies will be painted a letter. I need enough people so that we spell out VULNERABLE BODIES VULNERABLE PLANET. (I am also thinking of painting this phrase on the back of our bodies: BODY: WE'RE ALL IN ONE   PLANET: WE'RE ALL ON ONE).
  • I would like to do the first of these on New Year's Day and then other days throughout the year (to be worked out later).
  • I would like the first one to take place at a beach (I'm thinking Cadboro Bay but am open to other suggestions). I see the next ones taking place in more challenging locales (like downtown and along the Trans-Canada).
I need:
  • People to come and be naked and have a letter painted on their chest. If I get fewer than 35 volunteers (for the phrase above) I will modify the written message.
  • I need photographers and videographers (preferably two of each).
  • More help with organizing, period (not my forte).
Time and place:
  • I'm thinking Cadboro Bay beach: meet up at 11:30 AM. In place for noon. To be confirmed.
You're interested in being part of this:


  1. You should contact the Federation of Canadian Naturists The Body Freedom Collaborative and The Naturist Society

    Good luck!