Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Compliment or Two (plus I think I'm going to like the M Ed program)

You gotta love a good compliment like the one I got recently which will last me for at least a year or so.

A woman I know is really charming and smart and funny and young (like maybe 15 years younger than me, the possible great-grandmother). She also looks like a movie star. Anyway, her husband was watching me on video because this gal had interviewed me and she told me he liked what I said and thought I was good-looking!

I mean how great is that? That's high praise coming from the man married to this gal! I like that compliment and will now cancel out the great-grandmother comment forever.

Also, a very lovely woman who I don't know very well but really like told me she felt a connection with me and that felt very affirming. I always feel so dangling way out there but maybe that perception can melt away soon.

And I started the M Ed program and, while I'm worried about being able to do the work, I'm excited about it. Yay.

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