Thursday, December 17, 2020

New Year's Eve Guerilla Art Opportunity+Mural Offer

First: Help wanted. 

Last New Year's Eve, a friend helped me put up these banners on a couple of overpasses in Victoria. 

This New Year's Eve I'm hoping to put up at least 8 banners on 4 overpasses. I need at least one other person, preferably 2 or 3. They're a little bit tricky to put up because of how they catch the wind.

The banners will read 2020+1 (with the same 2020 with Extinction Symbols in the zeroes). Who's in?

I felt like 2020 was going to be the year for 20-20 vision (or maybe I just liked the pun). But the ongoing global pandemic certainly saw (harhar) to that. If there's been any event that has unified humanity, it's Covid-19. 

Not unified in any sense of connection as gorgeous, conscious, loving, sensual beings glorying in the precious gift of biological physicality and tenderly looking after each other on our finite tiny little ball floating in space. LOL. Nah. That's still a long way off. 

But how about making us see that we are all connected and vulnerable? No one has avoided that. (The denial reactions, selfishness, politicking, PROFITING, etc... that's a whole other story.)

So 2020+1 is a kind of echo of the "hello?!" and "now what?" challenges we continue to face.

Second and more:

As you can imagine, the Vancouver Fringe mini-fringe series I was going to be in starting on Nov. 26 was cancelled. But I still held the Vulnerability Vigil and Mural Opening on Nov. 22 and paid some respects to the unknown woman who was raped there the day after it was finished; sent some compassionate energy to the unknown fucked-up male perpetrator; made space to feel the ongoing damage of the patriarchal paradigm that not only leads to the concept of rape as entitlement, but that is destroying the whole world; and did some almost-naked ugly dancing. In other words, sacred medicine stuff.

Thank you to those of you who contributed to the fundraiser for the Native Youth Sexual Health Network. We raised $215.00

Mural offer:

As most of you know, I'm now 59 and a Schmage 4 Schmancer Schmurvivor. I also identify as a recovering academic. All this is to reiterate that I don't function well any more (or at all) in the capitalist paradigm. I am grateful to have my earning spouse, David Howell, and to come from a background of privilege because otherwise I'd be on the streets or dead.

I really want to be an artist who can hustle for contracts or write grant proposals without feeling traumatized or apply again for contract teaching positions, but I do not have the wherewithal.

So I'd like to offer low-cost (or even free in some cases) murals to anyone in the Victoria area who is interested (cost of paint, honorarium). I can't paint outside until probably mid-February so now's the time to see if I can paint you or your organization an indoor mural. I'd especially love to support community organizations, schools, small businesses, etc.

When travel starts up again, I'd love to offer low-cost or free murals in exchange for travel, room and board.

Thanks for reading, love to all.

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