Sunday, September 29, 2019

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy birthday to me!! I'm 58 today and super-lucky to be alive.

Please consider, say, symbolically buying me a latte every month and I will eventually send you a garment like one of these hand-upcycled shirts below. You can symbolically buy me a monthly latte or even a symbolic monthly beer by becoming my Patreon supporter.

Global Climate Strike update: I didn't make it to one single event to do any Vulnerability Vigils because I've been feeling crappy. But I wrote a poem and I made a little video for it. (The link is to Facebook because YouTube suspended my account, which I will address some other time).

Chip Chip Chip
#kripalu #globalclimatestrike

Cripple U in the late 90s. Post-guru, pre-Lululemon.

Sitting with Victoria on the bottom bunk in one of the shared rooms. Those hospital blankets.

Kind, intuitive Victoria. She used to try to survive her commute by doing Type A alternate nostril breaths. 

“What are you feeling?”

“There’s an 85,000-mile-thick wall. I’m trying to move it.” My scrawny arm pressing the cinder blocks. Body knew but I didn’t. 

Serious mind fuck.

Years later. Mother. Performance artist. Cancer survivor. Thin edge of the wedge. Mover of culture. Oh, is that all?

These marches are part of moving the culture. Good. I wish I could feel celebratory. But it’s still chip chip fucking chip over here.

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  1. Tasha!!
    a) Happy Birthday, you phenomenal, radical, vital collection of atoms.
    b) I sent you a wee donation to the HBP. I thought there'd be a little box on the Paypal page where I could write you a message, but there wasn't, which is why I'm writing it here. You sent me a HBP t-shirt about a billion years ago, and said "Donate someday when you can," and that day finally arrived. :)
    c) That said, I am in LOVE with some of the upcycled shirts you've made, but have no idea what sizes they are. Is there anyplace where you've posted, like, shirt prices and availability? If so, I would totally consider buying specific shirts from you. If not, and if that's too much work, no worries at all. I also realize they might be designated for the Patreon members, and I am not one, so if that's the case, ignore my plebian greed.

    I hope you're having a great day! Hugs from afar and fight the good fight!!! Love always!