Thursday, July 25, 2019

Vulnerability Vigil: The Trees are Our Elders Aug 18, 4-5pm, Duncan, BC

Date is now Sunday, August 18.

The old trees are our elders. The forest is our family.

Vulnerability Vigil

Trans-Canada Highway in Duncan, BC
Right by the Cowichan Region Visitor Centre
Also right by the "BC Forest Discovery Centre"
Saturday, August 17
Sunday, August 18
4-5 pm
All welcome.

I do what I can.

In this case, I will stand for an hour to hold a Vulnerability Vigil on behalf of our forests. I use my bare or nearly bare body in these vigils as a way of sharing vulnerability literally and figuratively and as a way of showing some solidarity with those who are most vulnerable. The vigils are art, expression, and a way of shifting energy or disrupting status quo.

I will wear a "cover-the-bits costume" of Extinction Symbol tree-rings (pictured). Please consider joining me. People who join can hold a sign; wear the signs (I'll bring some); or dress as they wish.
Our majestic old growth rainforest is on the verge of extinction, only 4% remains. People from all around the world come here to see those trees. Not clearcuts.

Forestry practices make fires more likely. All of this while global temperatures are at the highest in the history of the planet. Standing forests are recognized as one of our best defences in the climate crisis.

Yet what we have remaining is "harvested" daily, for pulp, chips, or to ship raw logs offshore. Lumber workers are striking. There is no more lumber industry in BC. Only lumber barons and their profiteer shareholders.

I've been doing (mostly) monthly public Vulnerability Vigils using my naked or nearly naked body since January of 2012.

Link to Facebook event

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