Friday, June 17, 2016

Free. Real. The Opposite of Violence.

Vulnerability Vigil
Wednesday, June 22, 2016
5-6 pm
Pandora and Broad St, Victoria, near the rainbow crosswalks

I've written about this before. I'll be brief.

Maybe you understand or have an inkling that our old structures are not working. This includes cultural ways of being that, because that's the water we swim in, are largely invisible to most of us.

I have been using the spacious form of performance art for more than 10 years to present a non-violent, non-rhetorical, feminine, indigenist, healing response to an insane world.

A Vulnerability Vigil is a ritual; it's about being the change; it's about being an ally; it's art. Doing vigils (and the Human Body Project) continues to be the only sane response I have.

Yes, it's small. It could be big. Consider holding a companion vigil. Consider joining me.

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