Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Surgery today+vote for HBP documentary

This is a quick note to say today is the day I have hysterectomy surgery to remove the cancerous mass growing inside me (or my self-grown anti-patriarchy sculpture, as I like to call it).

My mantra: my excellent doctors and nurses are the peak of their competence and surgery is going to go sooooo smoothly.

I have a very good feeling about it. (Timing-wise, I think it will happen about 1 pm Victoria time).

Also, I've been working with director Robyn Thomas on a documentary about the Human Body Project. We started pre-cancer and are continuing through this cancer story.

The name of the project is Visceral.

She has entered it into the Storyhive funding site.

To help us out, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS VOTE! Please consider voting for our project, you can vote online every day until November 9. 

Poster designed by Craig Nicholas.

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