Sunday, August 9, 2015

Skin in the Game at the Victoria Fringe Cancelled and Vulnerability Vigils on hold

UPDATE: Skin in the Game at the Victoria Fringe cancelled.

I'm very disappointed to announce that I've had to cancel Skin in the Game at the Victoria Fringe.

A little about what's going on in my vulnerable human body/self right now.

I share for many reasons and, yes, I do realize my truth can be interpreted as "unprofessional." 

One main reason I share is to stand in solidarity with others who struggle invisibly.

In late July I was walloped with severe depression. The worst in more than 15 years. I have dealt with depression my whole life pretty much but mostly I have dealt with it spiritually and, I'll admit, by isolating and just fucking functioning.

The work of the Human Body Project has been in some ways an outlet for me to work with my depression. But I am at the point where I have an intake booking with a psychiatrist because, after more than 15 years of not trusting pharmaceuticals (my previous experience has been bad), I'm going to give it another try.

I crashed. I still managed to finish two classes, probably taking 3 times as long as usual to get my marking done, my head was so messed up. I did not tell my students or the people I work with. I'm a contract instructor.

While that was going on I menstruated for 10 days straight. Did you know it's quite normal for menopausal women to bleed buckets for 10 days? I didn't either, but it is. Menstruation has been extreme for me my whole life.

I have rarely mentioned this to anyone. Menstruation is "private."

Then, as that was tapering off, I began to be ill with a stomach illness. I have been experiencing incredibly severe nausea, coughing, and exhaustion. It's been going on for more than a week. My competent, kind doctor has me doing several tests. 

I am so ill I can barely walk around my house. So I can't show up for the fringe and Vulnerability Vigils are also on hold.


Skin in the Game 
At the Victoria Fringe
Wood Hall
907 Pandora
Fri, Aug 28, 7:15
Sat, Aug 29, 4:15
Mon, Aug 31, 7:30
Tue, Sep 1, 6:00
Sat, Sep 5, 12:15
Sun, Sep 6, 2:45

As a student of pain, Tasha Diamant devised a performance and activism project to inquire into the origins of disconnection. Purposefully creating space for vulnerability, Diamant is now in the tenth year of her ongoing Human Body Project, for which, among many other things, she shows up literally and emotionally naked in performance and in public.

In this new show, through improvised facilitation, story telling, and disrobing, Diamant has a lot to say and reveal about the body and embodiment in a disembodied culture. Spoiler: she gets dressed at the end.

What audiences and reviewers have had to say about the Human Body Project:

“I am not sure what this exquisite piece of ‘art’ is but it’s all yours. Thank you so much, you have empowered me so much.”--note left by audience member

“You hit the tear ducts. BOOM like a bullet.”--note left by audience member

"….the experience is both powerful and empowering, pushing participants to question their own physical, psychological and social positions. The result? Both humbling and inspiring, The Human Body Project urges us to recognize the power of a single human body.”--The Ubyssey

"This is the most relevant and powerful work at the Fringe and Tasha Diamant is deserving of a full audience every night.”--Monday Mag

“The Human Body Project impacted me. Please go see it. It’s the definition of sincerity.”--note left by audience member

"I dug it. The Human Body Project slowed me down, and all sorts of stuff about shame, safety, and joy came up... Naked, emotionally and literally. Simply audacious.”--The Georgia Straight

Recent article in the Victoria Times Colonist

Link to Skin in the Game Facebook event

Tickets, program information, etc:

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