Thursday, November 27, 2014

2nd Coinciding #VulnerabilityVigil (yay!)

I'm really pleased because, for the second time, some Vancouverites will hold a coinciding #VulnerabilityVigil with me!

On Monday, Dec. 1, 12:30-1:30, I'll be at the corner of Government and Belleville in Victoria.
And, at the same time, Emma Cooper and others will be back at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Robson St. side.

Last month's #VulnerabilityVigil in Vancouver.

Here's what Emma Cooper had to say about it on Facebook:
Hey Vancouverites! Monday Dec. 1st at 12:30-1:30 myself and some other quality humans will be participating in a ‪#‎VulnerabilityVigil‬ at the Vancouver Art Gallery (Robson Street side). We will stand naked behind signs or clothed for an hour to explore our own personal vulnerability and to do a small action to acknowledge the different challenges we are facing as a society and our need to become more self-aware and vulnerable to effectively address them. This is in solidarity with Tasha Diamant's vigil that will happen at the same time in Victoria. Tasha has been doing this performance art for about 9 years and doing monthly vigils for the past couple of years.
More info:
FB event: (see the comments for info for the vancouver vigil or holla at me)
I do this because I like the conversations that we had at our last vigil with the folks who passed by on the street. I like that everyone can have a slightly different reason for coming out and doing this and that no one involved in this pretends to have all of the answers. To me this is about personal accountability, about one on one conversations and about putting yourself out there to remind yourself and others that all is not well, but we can still connect and talk. Please join in if you would like, or stop and say hello on the day. If you have any questions please get at me in a private message.
Vancouver Vulnerability Vigil
Hey Vancouver folks who would like to participate and be a little chilly for an hour...
We will meet at the Vancouver Art Gallery on the Robson Street Side, same place as last time. We will go at the same time as the Victoria Vigil, 12:30 - 1:30. 
I will bring signs to stand behind in an effort to be gentle with our nudity. I look forward to spending an hour of quality time having good conversations with strangers and sitting with our own vulnerability!
If you have any questions, hit me up on facebook.
Let's grab a tea afterwards too if you would like.

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