Monday, August 11, 2014

Media Release: Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigils at the 2014 Victoria and Vancouver Fringes

The Human Body Project at the 2014 Victoria Fringe (Aug 21-31) and Vancouver Fringe (Sept 4-14)

"the most relevant and powerful work at the fringe" 
“urges us to recognize the power of a single human body”
"naked, emotionally and literally"  
"simply audacious"

Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigils at the Victoria Fringe

Where and When?
There will be five street performances of Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigils

The vigils will be held near fringe venues in downtown Victoria. Aug 26-30, 5-6 pm. 
August 26 5-6 pm Pandora and Quadra
August 27 5-6 pm Johnson and Quadra
August 28 5-6 pm Belleville and Blanshard
August 29 5-6 pm Broad between Pandora and Johnson
August 30 5-6 pm Pandora and Douglas

Locations may change due to unforeseen circumstances so check for confirmation.

Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigils, as a form of street performance, will be part of the site-specific pieces at the Victoria Fringe.

For a Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil, Tasha Diamant stands naked in public to share and create a space for vulnerability. She holds a large sign in a gesture of gentleness for those who are deeply affronted by public nudity.

It is a ritual or practice of "being the change," non-violent direct action, participatory democracy, etc.  People are always invited to join her and often do. 

Photo by David Howell

Tasha Diamant, 52, is a mother, performer, and activist. She started the Human Body Project, an ongoing performance art project, in 2006. She is also a university professor, yoga instructor, and visual artist.

People will be able to buy tickets to Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigils via but there won’t be actual ticket collection. To "buy a ticket at the door" people can contribute to a hat on the sidewalk. Tasha is inviting people to buy tickets to support the work.

People are also invited to watch or even take part in some participatory democracy. Taking part might mean holding a sign or just engaging in conversation with Tasha, other participants, or people on the street. 

Tasha is the only person committed to being naked. People who join her can be as (un)dressed as they choose. Signs will be provided.

More Background
Tasha has been holding Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigils at least once a month since January 2012. 

Lately, she has been using the extinction symbol on her sign (@extinctsymbol), a symbol created to draw attention to the global extinction crisis. She will also bring the VULNERABLE sign and other words.

VULNERABLE was the word on the sign for a long time. Then Tasha switched to different words that also evoke consideration of vulnerability (e.g., HOLY, COMPLIANT, PARADIGM).

Also at the 2014 Vancouver Fringe

The Human Body Project is a mainstage show in the Vancouver Fringe (six shows, Sept 4-14).

Tasha is also holding a free Human Body Project Workshop during the Vancouver Fringe (Sept. 12), after which she is holding a Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil.

For more information contact: Tasha Diamant
twitter @HumanBodyProj
Human Body Project Facebook page 

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." A. Einstein


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