Monday, July 14, 2014

Vulnerability Vigil: July 21, 2014, Wharf near Government, Victoria BC

Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil
Monday, July 21, 2014
5-6 pm
Near the Homecoming statue on Wharf St. near Government St.
Victoria, BC
Tourists enjoying the June 2014 Vulnerability Vigil.
I'm holding the extinction symbol sign in the background. Photo by David Howell.
At least once a month I stand naked in public to be in some solidarity with the world's most vulnerable.

We need to understand that's all of us. I'm a nobody's-made-it-until-all-of-us-have-made-it kind of gal. I believe it has to be a visceral learning. Words aren't enough.

For vigils, I hold a sign in a gesture of gentleness for those who are deeply affronted by public nudity.

A Vulnerability Vigil, for me, is a ritual or practice of "being the change." It's about creating space for vulnerability. It is non-rhetorical cultural criticism, street performance, non-violent direct action and more.

I'm always hoping people will join me here in Victoria or in coinciding vigils around the globe. People who join may be as (un)dressed as they choose.

Email if you are interested in organizing a vigil where you live.

Here's a link to the event on Facebook

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