Friday, June 6, 2014

Naked Bike Ride Vulnerability Vigil

Saturday, June 14, 2014
2:30-3:30 pm
Across from the British Columbia Provincial Legislature, Victoria, BC
On the corner of Belleville and Government

Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigils happen at least once a month. I stand naked somewhere public for an hour, holding a sign. 

In brief, I share my own vulnerability to create a space for vulnerability and to be in some solidarity with those who are most vulnerable. It's also about being the change I wish to see.

The World Naked Bike Ride happens once a year. Our movements have a lot of affinities.

I am not sure if anyone is planning on organizing a Naked Bike Ride in Victoria this year, but if so, how about riding by the vigil? The Vancouver 2014 Naked Bike Ride is on this day, btw. Update: Victoria World Naked Bike Ride will coincide with the vigil!

I'll be across from the BC Legislature at Belleville and Government, holding the extinction symbol sign.
2:30-3:30 pm
Anyone is welcome to join me, dressed or not.

Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil, May 26, 2014. Tasha Diamant is holding a sign with the extinction symbol.

Here's how I explained what I'm doing to several US tourists who spoke to me last month:
Tourist: Why are you doing this? Is this a protest? 
Tasha: Well, I've been doing the Human Body Project for more than 8 years. I started doing performances where I showed up naked and unscripted to be as vulnerable as possible and to share that vulnerability.
Then I started doing this street work in January of 2012. I do it once a month for an hour. It's sort of a protest but more like a ritual of "being the change." I stand naked to be as vulnerable as possible, in solidarity with the world's most vulnerable and the vulnerable earth. 
This is the Extinction Symbol. Have you seen it before? 
Tourist: No, what is it? 
Tasha: It's a symbol that's meant to bring awareness to the fact that humans are creating a mass extinction. Like when the dinosaurs all died? Except when that happened it took tens of thousands of years. Humans will pretty much accomplish a mass extinction in about 700 years from, like, the time of the Industrial Revolution. Most life on earth will be extinct by 2400. So, in other words, all humans are vulnerable. 
Tourist: In other words, we're doomed. What's causing it? 
Tasha: Mostly global climate change, development and pollution. 
Tourist: I don't really see how standing naked with a sign will help. 
Tasha: Well, I believe that civilization equals domination equals ego. So humans don't understand vulnerability or how to be vulnerable. So I figure this is like a wake-up call but also like a way to kickstart evolution or change consciousness. Our brains need to change. But, hey, I feel pretty hopeless. I also do this as an outlet for my rage. I can't believe people walk around like everything is normal. This helps me not drink myself to death. I feel hopeless but I can still do something.
Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil on World Naked Bike Ride Day, June 9, 2012.
Here's a link to the Facebook event
I'm always hoping people will join me here in Victoria or in coinciding vigils around the globe. Send a message to if you're interested in organizing a vigil.

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