Monday, June 4, 2012

Announcement and Media Release: Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil, June 9, 2 PM, BC Legislature

Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil: June
Saturday, June 9
Gather at 2:00 PM
BC Legislature grounds (Victoria, BC)

the Human Body Project
is a form of non-violent protest
is a cultural antidote
is a teaching
is a healing
is art

As the project's creator, I make an intention to show up in vulnerability--naked and unscripted--to share a deep experience of vulnerability with other human beings. Many join me.

I believe that cooperation is the key to human survival, that letting go of ego is the key to cooperation, and that choosing vulnerability is the key to letting go of ego. In our culture we have almost no conception of this paradigm.

How it will look:
In keeping with the Human Body Project ethos of solidarity in human vulnerability, I will be naked
Anyone is welcome to join me, dressed or as undressed as you would like to be
We will hold a sign in front of our bodies that spells the word VULNERABLE
Plus whatever else emerges

I've committed to holding at least one Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil a month during 2012 (see the Human Body Project Facebook page for the most up to date information and photos)

This action is taking place in alignment with the World Naked Bike Ride.

I also acknowledge personal alignment with les Casseroles; BC teachers and government talking; as well as protests against Bill C-38, Bill C-10, and building of more pipelines/increased tanker traffic in BC (and more). These issues are connected with our cultural compulsion to dominate, as well as the tangled and complex ways this compulsion is manifested.

Link to the Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil: June Facebook event:

Human Body Project website:

Human Body Project Facebook page:
Human Body Project on twitter: @HumanBodyProj!/HumanBodyProj

Contact: Tasha Diamant

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