Friday, March 9, 2012

Next Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil: Tuesday, March 13

Announcement and Media Release

Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil for March
Tuesday, March 13
4:30 PM
1219 Hillside Ave (in front of Studio 1219)

Until humans viscerally understand vulnerability, we will not stop doing what we are doing to ourselves, other beings, and the planet.

The Human Body Project is an ongoing performance art and non-violent action project. As creator, I make an intention to show up in vulnerability--naked and unscripted--to share a deep experience of vulnerability with other human beings. Many join me.

Today's Victoria Times Colonist column about the last vigil:

Today's Victoria Monday Mag article about the last vigil:

How it will look:
In keeping with the Human Body Project ethos of solidarity with and in human vulnerability, I will be without clothing
Anyone is welcome to join me
Those who join me can choose to be dressed or undressed
We will hold a poster board sign in front of our bodies in a gesture of gentleness to those who may be affronted by nakedness
The signs will each have a letter so we can spell the word VULNERABLE
Plus whatever else emerges

Event takes place rain or shine.
This is the third Human Body Project outside action of 2012. It is my intention to do one a month.
Acknowledging resonance and solidarity with other actions and complicated conversations including: Occupy, International Women's Day, The Vagina Monologues, teachers of the humans who are most vulnerable (i.e. children) wishing to negotiate with their employers, etc.

It's also the HBP's 6th anniversary!
Link to the Human Body Project Vulnerability Vigil Facebook event site:

Human Body Project website:

Human Body Project Facebook page:

Human Body Project on twitter: @HumanBodyProj!/HumanBodyProj

Contact: Tasha Diamant

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