Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Response from a Colleague (September 2010)

Hi, Tasha:

I FINALLY got up the courage (isn’t that silly?) to go into your project. I understand why people cry. This project is wrenching—I think of Holocaust victims and those who are thought of as so much less than human, forced to strip to nakedness. So many human beings of worth and beauty who’ve been incarcerated and tortured by the soulless machinery of bureaucracy. And laid bare as part of the dehumanizing. How humiliated people are made to be. Utterly alone and helpless.

In fact, the human form is a creation of beauty and spirit. It needs the respect I can see your audience giving you. Those who would degrade and abuse that are the monsters, even as they celebrate their power over others.

You’re a woman with courage. Who knows who you will influence with this stab into the darkness of Big Brother.

Thanks for what you’re doing, Tasha. It’s jarring, it’s multi-layered; it’s poetic, it’s art and it’s necessary.


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  1. That's wonderful feedback, Tasha; I couldn't have said it so thoughtfully and succinctly myself. You must be glad to hear it!