Friday, January 15, 2010

One Wonders What Happened in the Meetings

I have been working on the M Ed project proposal. The one below is a very shitty first draft. Some very nice professor ladies are working with me and they are so kind and patient and good at what they do that it seems very churlish to complain about how much I hate doing it. My complaints are never ever directed at them.

I just don't care about fitting into the way these things are done. But I am so close so I will mostly shut up and do it and I am very thankful for the help and guidance they are are giving me. Thank you E. and C.

I received $9200 in research funds from Lethbridge College to edit a Human Body Project video this term, mostly the footage from the Edmonton fringe (the same video that will be my M Ed project--it's just the M Edders need a different fancy proposal wrapped around it). The college even announced it publicly last week. Around the same time last November, I submitted a proposal to do a Human Body Project presentation at WestCAST, an education conference hosted by the University of Lethbridge this year. I was accepted in December. That's two naked lady thingies supported by two actual institutional thingies!

Except that today the U of L faculty people in charge of the WestCAST conference sent me an email asking me to remain clothed! No reasons were given for this turnaround. I have asked them to explain. One waits.

Needless to say, I have some ideas about how to approach this but I'll wait to see their reply. If I was at my office I could copy my proposal here but I'm not. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow. I mean who doesn't want to see a WestCAST proposal for a naked lady thingie?


  1. what?? did they even *read* the proposal? What part of naked did they not get?

  2. Your questions seem very valid.