Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I "heart" Teaching at LC

We made it. Home sweet home (or at least, house sweet house... but let me complain about Lethbridge another time). Our furnace was off! At -20 C outside and the house at 48 F, it seems like it hadn't been off long. Luckily a guy came and fixed it quickly.

I taught my first "straight" institution (Lethbridge College) art class today. I loved it. One of my goals is to create a community of artists and there we were, a community of artists. I am very happy to be teaching painting! It only took 6 years for it to happen! (Oh, well. I love teaching public speaking and communication, too.)

I have decided to put my Facebook energy into my 2010 daily blog. This one will really be just a Facebook-status-updatey blog. I am really tired. Happy to be back teaching. I really do love teaching at this little college. Happy to have had great visits with friends and family in Toronton and Burlington. I feel so much more energized than when I left.

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