Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Am Naive

A Facebook friend of posted this: "Olympics core vales: Excellence, friendship, and respect. What a joke! Excellence=only professionals, no more amateurs, Friendship=what peace, supports oppressed countries Respect=commercialism, exploitation, what is the environment"

I feel like an idiot for still having a little naive excitement about them.

I am a naive person. It's all those years of not having a career. I finished my M Ed project proposal. Only as I was finishing it did I realize that when some fancy academic says to me, "You should read so-and-so," most of them don't mean actually read it. They mean look at it and take a few ideas or quotes from it.

I honestly thought they meant I should read all these books and I just thought, fuck off, how can you seriously expect me to have the time or energy?

I know some of them really read these tomes and really digest them. But it finally dawned on me that many don't and don't actually expect me to either. BUT NOBODY SAYS THIS!!

It would have been really useful information for me.

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