Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holiday Limbo

We are near the end of a short trip to see friends and family in Ontario. I am experiencing that rather pleasant sensation of no responsibility. This is not my messy, cluttered house (it is, rather, an orderly, neat house). My job and classes and kid's school, etc. are far away. I will be hit by many decisions and duties as soon as I hit Alberta soil but out here they still seem far away.

How will I continue in the M Ed program? The last time I really gave it thought, maybe three long weeks ago, I sobbed in complete frustration. That's the biggest question. But here it is barely a blip. I get a break from trying to figure out that particular piece. (Main dilemma: I need credential vs. I detest and do not value the program. Also, I have put off dealing with the coming term for so long I may not even have a choice about what I decide anyway...)

I'm tired and in this limbo state, so tonight is not the night to blog about my issues with academia. Instead, I will embrace a buffet-induced torpor that nicely complements this holiday limbo and go watch the kids play Wii.

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