Sunday, January 21, 2007

Too Sick

I have many bloggable thoughts running in my brain but I have been so frickin sick since the Calgary event. Too sick to blog. Too sick for almost anything. Must at least mention my Lethbridge Herald ROAST (in the weekly ROASTED and TOASTED this past Monday). I'll quote it when I feel better.

Man, I am sick.

C-section to bring baby Sophia into the world booked for Jan 31. Only 10 more days.

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  1. In a formaer blog (june/july 06?) you stated something on the idea that you may be wanting nothingness? do you think being pregnant and the resultant changes and impending ending of the "state" might at times induce a kind of impending doom or catastrophe? Certainly i need not be a woman to understand that the female body must (there are exceptions in my experince)
    undergoe such traumatic/dramatic/revolutionary
    change that it would not be surprising at all to find some people describing it (the dramatic transformation) as a kind of "death", or near death, certainly of the "i", or ego construct.
    i can say the prospect of being pregnant is incredible, i would love to hear your personal views on the hypothetical male pregnancy...which
    to will happen of course...
    but this is digressing...I wish to share with you a basic Chemistry principle which, to me,
    is relevant by analogy to many situations.
    It is this: LIKE SOLVES LIKE
    what this means is that say you want to dissolve something in a solves like;
    in electricity: LIKE REPELS LIKE (Charge).
    take the example of salt; if one wishes to dissolve it one can use plain water...but if one were able to have a salty liquid into which it could be placed it would dissolve more readily...simply what this means in general is that a larger amount of one thing dissolves a smaller amount of that same thing.
    in the abstract/practical, it is my observation that where no conscience is there too is little to no self-reflexion.Also where compassion is most needed, so one might think, is exactly where it is not...But the problem with conscience and/or compassion is that when it is absent, the "operant" of the other body cannot be convinced nor persuaded by emotion/logic that to possess something(or use something) that they do not have is valuable/neccessary for the betterment of themselves, at least, and others and self, at most.
    The point is that when it comes to the subject(s)of compassion/conscience, without the acknowledgment/possession/recognition of these
    things where hitherto absent in the "less informed",perhaps ignorant("where wizdom is lacking, ignorance is bliss")person, it strikes me as wholesale self congratulating to find only those who are in possession of these characteristix/traits/faculties? comfirming ones own bias that they are valuable and/or neccessary to the betterment of all....
    So, how this helps YOU, i cannot know...But, the idea of being alone has so many implications that nothingness, though i am beginning to suspect that meaninglessness or the lack of sensorium of any kind may be nearer the mark, is impossible in this a mother perhaps the notion that energy/matter can be neither created or destroyed....Now i am rambling, but ,though i may have been unclear, if i have given you a few concepts/notions for your "recogitation".hope i havent bored the hell out well...then be better.
    jamie [ ]