Saturday, December 30, 2006

Big Month

I'm about to do two Human Body Project events. And then I'll have a baby. I'm sick though, and worse, my daughter is sicker than I've ever seen her... so I'm not able to think too much about the events or the baby. I hate it when Claire is sick. First of all, it's scary to see a kid who NEVER naps no matter how sick she is, sleeping so much (for a week!). She has been running a fever. She has been coughing and her nose is running. The doctor says her lungs, ears and throat are fine and that it's good sign that she usually perks up when given kids' medicine. But I am FREAKED OUT. Especially today because the Motrin did not perk her up.

I also get freaked out that she is sensitive/sickly like me and I wish her a better constitution than my own freakishly fragile one.

And whatever evil virus this is, I feel like I may have it too (it's hard to tell with the continuous pregnancy poisoning illness). For my new year's resolution I would like to develop a better attitude to setback.

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