Thursday, November 16, 2006


There has been some shifting for me. While I'm still really physically ill, I feel less depressed. Some gunk has moved out and into the energy field. Yay.

I don't feel at liberty to write about what I think is happening because I'd have to include my feelings about people I'm close to; feelings I'd rather keep private; feelings that are still unresolved. What I do think has been helpful though is complaining and sitting in/moving through the proverbial shit. I've complained to friends, to my therapists. I even went out one night to a park and beat up a few trees with my yoga mat to free some anger and frustration (doing it at home is problematic, there are too many people around). I have been feeling very burdened and some of that burden has lifted.

Yesterday I decided that after all, I would try to have some Human Body Project events while I'm still pregnant. I'm aiming for New Year's Eve in Lethbridge and January 6 in Calgary. I'll keep you posted.

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