Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Bring It On

I'm involved in a meditation group. We all met in February at a Flower of Life workshop in Calgary.

One day my energy healer friend mentioned that we were working in Merkaba energy and I didn't know what it was. She told me about www.floweroflife.org; I went to the site; I skimmed the inevitably flowery Flower of Life information because a lot of it was too looloolala for me; but when I saw that there was a workshop in Calgary I KNEW I had to be there.

On the one hand, I'm as skeptical of looloolala stuff as the next person (maybe moreso, because in my own explorations I've met so many dingbats who think they're enlightened). On the other hand, I trust my urges and after you read this, you'll know how looloolala I am myself. I have often had strong feelings that I am supposed to do something or be somewhere and it always works out.

So I went and it was very powerful. No other technique has ever made me feel quite so connected and centred. And I have not exactly shied away from trying everything--both in my quest for health and my quest for spiritual connection (which, of course, I realize now are inseperable). The sacred geometry part of the information was interesting, intriguing and hard to get my head around. I especially found the connections to ancient wise cultures (Egyptians, Peruvians and Tibetans) thought-provoking. The Flower of Lifers are also into dolphin energy, extraterrestrial intelligence and Atlantis, so it's pretty out there.

Anyway, we all met again last Sunday. Something a man said has really stuck with me. He said: "The only way we are going to change the world is through spiritual change. Political change hasn't worked. A critical mass of people is needed to shift the rest." (He meant spiritual change in the sense of energetic, core change; not in the sense of religious conversion. Don't worry if you don't know what is meant by this concept or feeling of energy, you will eventually). What he said gave me hope and validation. I realized I totally agreed about spiritual change but had never actually explained it to myself that way. And I finally understood the frustrated urgency and responsibility I feel to use my abilities to help people connect (as an artist, as a yoga teacher, as a college instructor, etc.). I always feel like I'm not doing enough because it seems so within reach. I also felt like maybe we are really doing this(!) because I know so many people (who are basically underground) who are working on healing themselves and shifting their own energy.

Many of the people in this meditation group believe that humanity is rising to a different plane. They suggest that we as humans are heading to a place where language is unnecessary. We will be so connected that our thoughts will transmit (like dolphins--I've always wanted to be a dolphin). I can't say where I stand on this theory, but I do know that during the Human Body Project 44 event or when my meditation group sits in silence or during yoga class, we are more connected to something beyond the material world than when we start to converse. Right now we have to create situations to have this connection but eventually, with enough people moving energy, maybe we won't need to. Maybe it will be part of us all. Maybe we will be able to exist materially and spiritually simultaneously.
I also came away on Sunday with a different attitude to my illness. If my illness is spiritually based, which I feel I can no longer deny, and a) if it is about teaching me something that I'm blind to or avoiding and/or b) if it is about changes taking place in my body to shift my energy, then I say: Bring it on.

p.s. I still feel sickly, flu-y, fragile, but I'm going with it better.

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