Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Fifth Schmancerversary

 My 5th schmancerversary just passed. I'm not dead.

I haven't been doing much activism/performance art.

As my friend Rosie Bitts says: You were preparing people for this. You don't have to be the thin edge of the wedge anymore. 

I.e. all the iterations of finding our way to a consciousness beyond violence and domination that looks like Extinction Rebellion or Black Lives Matter or Indigenous Lives Matter or queer pride or feminism or decolonization or anti-capitalism or... these are all pieces of healing from the same destructive mentality. 

Do I think we're finding our way? I'm not sure. I live in schmope. 

I do see the pain spreading and dispersing. More people are taking it on. For one thing, people actually talk about pain and trauma. 

I want more laughs.

Here is a mini-doc that Müniré Armstrong made about my work, shot last year at a Vulnerability Vigil I did in Montreal (10 cops needed to make sure they shouldn't beat me up or arrest me) and during my show ATROCITIES 'R' US at the Montreal fringe festival.

Warning: nudity

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